Development Update: July 30, 2019

Hereford Watermain:

The Hereford watermain extension is complete between Wilson and Bischoff.  Now the City Water Department needs to complete the individual water taps for the single-family homes on Hereford.  We have been told by Castle Construction that the road will remain open during this work and flagmen will direct traffic. This work will be completed within the next week. After that, concrete and asphalt repairs will be made to the Hereford road surface. The Castle Contracting team is aware of the St. Ambrose first day of school on August 15 and will attempt to have these repairs completed prior to then. However, they say they are reliant on the City of Saint Louis Water Department to complete the water tap work first.



Castle Contracting will begin concrete paving work of the roads and alleys within the next 1-2 weeks. This work will start with the connection points to Daggett, Bischof and Wilson and will continue for approximately 30 days.



The storm water detention areas along the railroad tracks have been fully excavated. Castle’s crews are working on digging out the remaining detention area in the NE corner of the site and constructing the detention area retaining walls.



Castle has installed the majority of the sanitary and storm sewers. Some connections to the streets and detention areas remain. The green pipes you see sticking up on site are in the alleys and are for each single-family home.


Ameren Electrical Service:

New electric service has been brought into the site on poles from the North-East (near Ragazzi’s) and on the South on Bischoff. Castle will soon start with the underground distribution of this power after Ameren provides the conduit for this work.