Hereford Watermain:

While the Hereford watermain extension is complete, including all single-family home water taps, City Water has additional street repair to do after they replaced some additional water main in Hereford north of Wilson.  In addition, City Water has left Hereford closed in this area awaiting paving repairs. Castle Construction has been making calls to City Water and City Streets Departments letting them know that St. Ambrose School opens on 8/15/19 (this Thursday) and it would be important to have the road open at that time.



Castle Contracting has begun the streets and alley paving work. They alley on the West side of the property was paved last week. The alley just East of the new Boardman street section has been started this week. Boardman Street paving will start as soon as Castle can get City Water to complete the watermain taps for each single family home lot on that street. That work is expected to start this week.



Only fine grading of the detention areas remains. Fine grading of the single family home lots will be completed as each home is constructed.



Castle has installed the majority of the sanitary and storm sewers. Some connections to the streets and detention areas remain. The green pipes you see sticking up on site are in the alleys and are for each single-family home.


Ameren Electrical Service:

New electric service has been brought into the site on poles from the North-East (near Ragazzi’s) and on the South on Bischoff. Castle has started installing the underground conduit distribution system for all areas of the project. One utility pole remains to be relocated behind Imo’s Meats. This will allow for the completion of the alley paving in this area.


Storm Water Detention Areas:

With the paving of the streets and alleys, storm water will soon begin flowing to the detention areas, improving overall site drainage. Grass sod will soon be installed in each storm water detention area.