All work is complete. The City still needs to complete some street repairs on Hereford and Daggett. Castle Construction has been asking the City when these repairs can be completed.



Street paving on site should be at about 95% complete by the end of this week. Only speed bump and sidewalk work remain. Some sidewalks near the single-family homes will be completed as the home are completed. The remaining connection of the alley behind Imo’s Meats to Daggett has now been completed and those residents should have full access to the alley after a short concrete curing period of 7-10 days.



Most grading is complete. Backfilling around new roads and alleys remain. Fine grading of the single-family home lots will be completed as each home is constructed.



Most sewer work is complete. The green pipes you see sticking up on site are in the alleys and are for each single-family home.


Ameren Electrical Service:

New electric service has been brought into the site on poles from the North-East (near Ragazzi’s) and on the South on Bischoff. The underground conduit distribution system for all areas of the project has been installed. Ameren has started to pull electric wire to each single-family lot and to other transformers that will serve other parts of the development. This work should be completed in about two weeks.


Storm Water Detention Areas:

With the paving of the streets and alleys, storm water is now flowing to the detention areas, improving overall site drainage. Grass sod has been installed in each of the detention areas in order to stabilize the soil slopes. Fall protection fencing is being installed on the tops of all the detention area retaining walls next week.


Street Lighting, and Communications Cabling:

Installation of the electric conduit for the street lighting has begun. The light poles will begin installation in a few weeks. The streetlight pole is the same as is used throughout The Hill neighborhood, in keeping with the extension of the neighborhood idea.