McBride Homes:

McBride Homes purchased the 58 single family lots on November 15, 2019. We were pleased to complete this important transaction and look forward to seeing the McBride Homes come to life on the site.


Site Perimeter Fencing:

It is anticipated that the site perimeter fencing will be maintained until McBride Homes commences construction of its model homes. We will work with Alderman Vollmer’s office on coordinating public access to the site at the appropriate time.



All work is complete.



All street paving work is complete, and the streets have been dedicated to the City. Some sidewalk work will be completed with the completion of the single-family homes.



All sewer work is complete, and MSD has provided approval of all sewer and detention area installations.



All rough grading is complete. Fine grading of the single-family home lots will be completed as each home is constructed.


Ameren Electrical Service:

Ameren is 100% complete and the service connection points at each single-family home lot are energized.


Spire Gas Service:

Spire gas line installation is approximately 85% complete. This work is anticipated to finish up in early December.


Street Lighting:

Installation of the streetlight poles has commenced and will be completed in early December.