Hill 2000 Neighborhood Association Minutes

12 January 2021

Meeting began at 6:35pm in person at The Hill Neighborhood Center

Present: Chris Saracino, Joe Aromando, Matt Devoti, Liz Pulliam, Cathy Buckingham, Jim Barnthouse, Dan Burgho, Jennifer Gianino, Brian Winkler

Scribe: LynnMarie Alexander

Welcome new Board members Matt and Jennifer. Treasurers Report

  • December 2020 revenue up by $11,000 for a total of $23,334 As of December 2020 (which includes the $10,000 donation from Cathy Ruggeri-Rea).
  • The challenges of QuickBooks was discussed with a resolution being that Jim and Joe would

meet to work out the finer points of making the program work for Joe.

  • Hill 2000 rents a locker from Joe Barbaglia and a question was raised if the payments for it could be semi-annual. Chris oered to talk with Joe about a new payment arrangement.

New Board ocers:

  • Brian Winkler nominated Chris Saracino for the president position, Cathy Buckingham seconded, unanimous ayes.
  • Cathy Buckingham nominated Jim Barnthouse for the vice-president position, Brian Winkler

seconded, unanimous ayes.

  • Chris Saracino nominated Joe Aromando for treasurer, Liz Pulliam seconded, unanimous ayes.
  • Jim Barnthouse nominated Brian Winkler for secretary, Matt Devoti seconded, unanimous ayes.

Because some of the members were present virtually, the minutes approval was delayed to this point in the meeting. Dan Burgho motioned to accept the minutes, Liz Pulliam seconded, unanimous ayes.

2021 Initiatives

  • Clean Up Day will be on April 24 in conjunction with Earth Day
  • Operation Brightside will be included in the planning and execution
  • Block Captains will be asked to play a key role

New Sub-committees were created to make Hill 2000’s work more ecient and eective and to support key operation initiatives.

  • Safety and Security – Matt and Joe
  • Beautification – Jim and Dan
  • Preservation – Liz
  • Philanthropy – open at this time

Chris suggested that bi-weekly meetings and sub-committee meetings will be where detailed planning occurs with the monthly Board meeting as the place for reporting on progress.

New Business

  • Super Bowl squares will be oered, so try to encourage participation
  • The Easter Egg hunt is still up in the air due to safety because of Covid
  • Brian suggested a virtual house tour because neighboring communities have them going on and they are a great success. It would help to raise revenue during the summer.

Motion to adjourn made by Joe, Cathy seconded, unanimous ayes Meeting ended at 8:20pm