Meeting starting at 6:35 via Zoom

Attendees: Chris Saracino, Dan Burgho, Cathy Buckingham, Matthew Devoti, Liz Pulliam, Jim Barnthouse, Joe Aromando, Lynn Marie Alexander

Scribe: Brian Winkler

Minutes accepted: Motion Barnthouse, Second Buckingham Treasurer Report (Aromando)

  • Cash balance of $23,334 1-1; closed out Jan at $23,903; expenses in process of being itemized,

most income membership associated and donations, report forthcoming

  • Biggest expense paid: half of locker rent ($1,800)
  • Enterprise Bank check to be cashed, Piazza Imo check forthcoming (~$4K)
  • Sale of building update: ownership group stepped in to buy building incl. Bertarelli, J. Barbaglia
    • Need to explore validity of current lease, but currently assuming current lease stands Security/Safety (Devoti)
  • Met Feb 3rd; large scope but working to establish short/long term goals, establish communication, including Joe Aromando, Meegan Whitehead, Carolyn Grosse
  • 4 potential committee members
  • Will reach out to Ocer Hamann
  • Potential neighborhood night out in September
  • Hearing from splinter groups with similar goals, thinking through harnessing these groups to work together; need to establish protocol, chain of command
  • Logical place for Block Captain program to report to Beautification (Barnthouse)
  • Neighborhood Clean-Up April 24 (will work with Operation Brightside) Marketing/Website (Gianino)
  • Jennifer working with Nick B. on possible website updates; Lynn Marie volunteering to assist with providing content
  • Speaker series in work and possible speakers being explored
  • Setting 4 concerts with Piazza Imo (May, July, Sept, Nov) Center
  • Profit sharing from book moving to $5 to center, $15 to author of total $20 earned per book sold at Center
  • Needs from residents for items like moving (recent examples noted), how to approach these when they come in?
  • Great recent showing from residents hanging out at the Hill
  • Bob Traina close to completing identifying people in picture/article collection
  • Additional genealogy items happening at the center, but retail slow
  • Donor program: ironing out logistics for plaque (Chris working on design), t-shirts, flags Check-in slated for Feb 24th

Meeting close: Barnthouse motion, Buckingham second (8:07 pm)