3-10-21 meeting starting at 6:36 at Neighborhood Center

Attendees: Chris Saracino, Dan Burghoff, Cathy Buckingham, Matthew Devoti, Jennifer Gianino, Liz Pulliam, Joe Aromando, Lynn Marie Alexander, Brian Winkler, Jim Barnthouse

Scribe: Brian Winkler

Minutes accepted: Aromando motion, Pulliam second, unanimous approval

Treasurer Report Aromando

  • Closed out Feb at $23,903; income generated from membership and donations; additional accounting of items sold at center forthcoming
  • A plethora of renewed memberships coming in over the last couple months, additional deposits from Super Bowl fundraiser
  • Enterprise Bank, Piazza Imo amounts mentioned in previous minutes received
  • Motion to appoint Joe Aromando (current Treasurer to be legal signer for interactions with BASYS, removing Nick Fragale (prior Treasurer by Ma: Devoti, second by Cathy Buckingham, vote unanimous
  • Dropbox charges being evaluated, conversations with accountant ongoing for tax filing this season
  • Hill Neighborhood Center building is under new ownership, no known change to current occupancy

Security/Safety Devoti

  • 6 committee members, looking to expand to 8
  • Meeting with Officer Hamann: objectives
    • List of residential surveillance cameras in the neighborhood (all anonymous, list only held by SLPD)
    • Addressing persistently problem properties by establishing set of standards with owners
    • More open lines of communication direct to Officer Hamann via email
  • Committee would like space in upcoming newsletters to communicate updates

Beautification: Barnthouse

  • Discussing repainting of fire hydrants, exploring fundraising and execution
  • Neighborhood Clean-Up April 24 still on (Operation Brightside); block captains have been contacted for areas needing attention by resources – please come out and volunteer, 9-noon, meet up at Berra Park pavilion and lunch after!

Marketing/Website Gianino

  • Jennifer working with Nick B. on possible website updates
    • Possible renaming and regrouping of content being explored
    • Adding content from newsletter also in discussions, not decided
    • Add functionality that accommodates new residents and potential Hill 2000 memberships
    • Additional merchandise functionality possible through platforms like Shopify discussed
  • Speaker in work aimed at parents, topic in work
  • Piazza concert series is scheduled and will be added to website, 300 seat max, cash bar, sponsorship opportunities: May 22, July 17, Oct 2, Nov 27; ticket purchase will be available through Winter Opera


  • Membership count at 598

Other Business

  • Girl Scouts April Showers will be collected at the neighborhood center, dates
  • Received fundraising marketing from Flip, will revisit at next meeting
  • Randall’s plans continuing at former Walgreen’s location on Southwest Center
  • Immigrant statue yard flags, t-shirts on sale at the center – come on down!

Meeting close: motion Buckingham, Barnthouse second (8:07 pm)