4-14-21 meeting starting at 6:40 pm

Attendees: Chris Saracino, Dan Burghoff, Brian Winkler, Jennifer Gianino, Cathy Buckingham, Lynn Marie Alexander, Matt Devoti, Liz Pulliam, Jim Barnthouse, Joe Aromando

Minutes of last meeting motion to accept by Barnthouse, second by Buckingham, approved unanimously

Treasurer March cash balance sitting at $31,780, anticipating the return as fundraising opportunities throughout 2021 as has been the case in the past

Safety Committee

  • Security camera program is kicking off, communication forthcoming on Facebook, everyone who purchased a Ring camera will be asked to participate in a camera network
  • Tower Grove East representative will present, program and learning more on outreach for dealings with problem tenants
  • List of security or contact names compiled and distributed to the neighborhood, including the right numbers to contact for crime or emergency
  • Hill 2000 noted as having in the past extending gratitude toward neighbors sprucing up properties, possibility of revisiting


Beautification Committee

  • First meeting 4-7. Cleanup day scheduled for 4-24, signs are out
    • Plans underway, laying out sign ups for who cleans up where, meet at Berra Park
  • Pursuing fire hydrant painting, looking at resident sponsorships, quotes for painting
    • Sponsorship would possibly include a small message, establishing pricing 
  • New trash cans also being installed on 4-25 through Hill Business Association


  • Jen working with Nick for website upgrades for membership
  • Lynn Marie will be representing the Hill at the YMCA on April 29th


  • Membership count currently at 584
  • Eagle Project of Gianni Brusatti will be covered in next newsletter
  • Newsletter frequency will be revisited at next board meeting
  • LaFesta will be May 2nd, limited attendance due to city guidelines
  • Possible attendance of Newsletter Committee at next meeting to discuss future state possibilities around electronic versions of excerpts of newsletter

Upcoming Events

  • Outdoor General Meeting in May? – exploring possibly closing down street, bring your own chairs, third Thursday of May
  • Piazza Concert Series – next date May 22nd, gates at 5, concert at 6, tickets available at piazzaimo.com

Old Business

  • Finalizing plaque for sponsorship program

New Business

  • Initial discussions under way for Italian Heritage Parade
  • Discussion about display of model of St. Ambrose Church created by art student at neighborhood center

Meeting close 8:16: motion Pulliam, second Gianino