5-12–21 meeting starting at 6:42 pm


Attendees: Chris Saracino, Dan Burghoff (on phone), Brian Winkler, Jennifer Gianino, Cathy Buckingham, Lynn Marie Alexander, Liz Pulliam, Jim Barnthouse, Joe Aromando, Matt Devoti


Minutes of last meeting motion to accept by Buckingham, second by Pulliam, approved unanimously


Noted that meeting minutes (once approved) are now published in 2021 on Hill 2000 website


April cash balance sitting at $26,667, plenty of great items on sale at the center, come on down!


Safety Committee

  • Great progress with Ring camera surveillance list, next step is reaching out to owners of cameras
  • Tower Grove East representative presented on problem properties to committee
    • Two heads of programs: avoiding problem properties and dealing with existing problem properties
  • Ask for announcement to general membership meeting, email blast


Hill Neighborhood Center

  • Painting will occur, paint is donated, we have a volunteer to select paint colors and Troop 212 Boy Scouts have volunteered to paint
  • Yogi Berra stamp is coming out, June 24th unveiling in NJ, proposed event June 27th at Berra Park, more to come
  • Chris Saracino approached by parties interested in creating honorary statues of legendary Hill residents, but funding uncertain, presentation(s) proposed for future meetings
  • Great traffic through the center as of late on the weekends, donated items are selling great and are greatly appreciated


Beautification Committee

  • Clean-up day on 4-24-21 was a great success (30+ participants), executive decision made to postpone later in the day due to weather, thanks to J Smugs for food donation
    • Noted that a lot of the clean-up occurred along the highway
    • Great process in working with Operation Brightside, exploring when the next one will be
  • Pursuing fire hydrant painting, exploring next steps with the water department
    • Sponsorships still in discussion



  • In addition to minutes, Board Talk will be published on the website going forward
  • Lynn Marie Alexander represented the Hill at the YMCA on April 29th at the International Month celebration



  • Membership count currently at 586
  • Newsletter frequency will return to monthly starting with August distribution
    • Will revisit clarity around exact financials associated with newsletter
    • Will discuss outreach to La Collina with next newsletter distribution


Upcoming Events

  • General membership meeting planned for May 20, 2021 outside either the Hill Neighborhood Center or St. Ambrose parking lot, bring your own chairs; will be promoted on social media, signs will be put out
  • Piazza Concert Series – next date May 22nd, gates at 5, concert at 6, tickets available at piazzaimo.com
    • Numerous generous sponsorships have been provided to support these events and the neighborhood association


Old Business

  • Hill 2000 Sponsorship Donor plaque in work, exploring design based on existing plaques elsewhere in neighborhood


New Business

  • Initial discussions under way for Italian Heritage Parade and Festa, Giro Della Montagna
  • Display of model of St. Ambrose Church created by art student completed, will present to Msgr. Bommarito and placement will be discussed


Meeting close 8:17: motion Buckingham, second Barnthouse