6-9–21 meeting starting at 6:33 pm

Attendees: Chris Saracino, Dan Burghoff, Brian Winkler, Jennifer Gianino, Cathy Buckingham, Lynn Marie Alexander, Liz Pulliam, Jim Barnthouse, Joe Aromando

Minutes of last meeting motion to accept by Barnthouse, second by Buckingham, approved unanimously

Guest speaker: Proposal for Yogi Berra/Joe Garagiola statues (Harry Weber Sculptures – international sculptor, in St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame, www.harryweber.com)

      • Interested in proposing where it might be located, backing from Hill 2000 in the form of approval, possible contacts and tax exempt status of the organization in fundraising
      • Presented sketches of potential poses (walking, sitting on a bench), pose will be finalized once site is decided on (civic site can be the most difficult to lock down)
      • Have engineers involved to make sure they are installed and unmovable
      • Budget: $120K-$150K per statue (to be funded by fundraising campaign run by Harry Weber Sculptures), metal prices high at this point 
      • Next steps: establish a single point of contact on the board to work with


Continue to generate positive cash flow with fundraising events on the horizon, the board is grateful for the donations that have come in during the pandemic

      • Noted a potential need to autopay $12 to retain current Google URL
      • Expecting receipt of sponsorship funds generated by the Piazza Imo Concert Series

Safety Committee

  • Will submit two articles for the website regarding Safety
  • Making progress with Ring camera surveillance list
  • Next meeting will be June 24th

Hill Neighborhood Center

  • Yogi Berra stamp unveiling in NJ June 24th, proposed event June 27th – Play Catch at Berra Park, currently planning for popcorn available, commemorative baseballs being designed 

Beautification Committee

  • Clean-up day slated for the fall 
  • Receiving interest in fire hydrant painting sponsorship, tentatively would include painting and message, details in work
      • Water dept. only noted that the tops must stay current color
    • Berra/Garagiola statue discussion focused on Hill 2000’s role, need for decision on site, who would “own” the statue 


  • Exploring adding articles to the website covering different safety topics


  • Membership count currently ~600
  • Reopening conversation regarding sponsors for newsletter
  • Newsletter frequency will return to monthly starting with August distribution
    • Will revisit clarity around exact financials associated with newsletter
    • Still planning outreach to La Collina with next newsletter distribution

Upcoming Events

  • Piazza Concert Series – July 17th, ticket information available on www.piazzaimo.com
  • Giro della Montagna will return this September
  • Italian Heritage Festival also beginning planning, will occur in October – exploring a possible alternative format for the post-parade festivities

Old Business

  • Hill 2000 Sponsorship Donor plaque in work, exploring design based on existing plaques elsewhere in neighborhood
  • Display of model of St. Ambrose Church created by art student completed, will present to Msgr. Bommarito and placement will be discussed

New Business

Meeting close 8:26: motion Barnthouse, second Pulliam