Hill 2000 Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting

August 11, 2021

In attendance: Fr. Jack Siefert, Dan Burghoff, Jen Gianino, Matt Devoti, Joe Aromando, Jim Barnthouse, LynnMarie Alexander

Meeting was called to order at 6:35

Introduction to honorary Board member, Fr. Jack Seifert

Random topics discussed:

1. Be sure Fr. Jack gets newsletter

2. Engage with LaCollina residents.

a. Alexis wants Hill 2000 to participate in a hospitality event

b. Ask Tom Stremlau to print additional copies to distribute there

3. Need a strategy to consistently engage with the new residents

Jim motioned to accept minutes, Jen seconded. Unanimous aye

Treasurers Report – Joe

  • On-line QuickBooks accounting is not user friendly, Joe will use a simpler program going forward
  • Joe went through his monthly report
  • July end balance +$22,962.07
  • No issues on expenses this month

Safety and Security

  • Have a new mission statement
  • There will be a dedicated tab on the Hill 2000 website for safety and security issues
  • Video camera initiative allows SLPD to know if there was an active camera where an incident occurred
  • Investigating another round of Ring type camera offering
  • Good neighbor program                                                             
    • a.Landlord tenet education                                                                     
    • b. Provide a resource for people having a problem with their neighbors —   a sort of ‘how-to’ guide                                                       
    • c. National Night Out – after discussion it was agreed to have it on the same day as the spring clean up day coinciding with Earth Day


1. 222 hydrants total, mapping their location in process

2. Discussed how to get people to sponsor

3. Try to roll out selection bidding by Columbus Day

4. Estimated cost to paint, $100 per hydrant

Block Captains

1. Having a clean up day in Berra Park to take care of trash, tree limbs…

Activities at the center

1. Wine Walk will do pre-registration at the Center

2. The Cassani family suggested donations to Hill 2000 as a remembrance to recently passed Dennis Cassani, raised over $1000

3. Progress on the Joe/Yogi statue continues

4. Dan shared an idea about selling logoed golf cart coolers.


1. Sponsorship letters went out

2. There will be a few riders from the Olympics participating

3. Still need a shirt design and vendors for the school yard

4. Joe Smugala will have another vendor space in his lot outside of Carnivore

Columbus Day/Italian Heritage

1. Liz emailed an update

2. Question about Berra Park’s availability to be resolved immediately

3. Jen and Cathy discussed a variety of fundraising opportunities to support the parade and festa so that it isn’t a financial burden

4. The theme focuses on families, “First generations building a legacy for

    the future.”

Cathy motioned to adjourn, Matt seconded, all ayed – meeting ended at 8:35 pm