9-8–21 meeting starting at 6:35 pm

Attendees: Chris Saracino, Dan Burghoff, Brian Winkler, Jennifer Gianino, Cathy Buckingham, Lynn Marie Alexander, Jim Barnthouse, Matt Devoti, Fr. Jack Siefert, Liz Pulliam

Minutes of last meeting motion to accept by Barnthouse, second by Buckingham, approved unanimously


  • Giro preliminary sales count in, waiting for cost (t-shirts, drink sales, other) to net for margins
  • Also collected donations to Backstoppers, SLPD 2nd District
  • Bogart’s (Mike Macchi) and Amighetti’s (Anthony Favazza) shout-out to go in the newsletter for donated product – many thanks!

Safety Committee

  • Camera initiative, a flyer is in work and will be reviewed by the Board prior to distribution
  • Neighborhood Night Out – have neighborhood cleaning during the day and get-together in the evening, working out a day in the spring to schedule (Earth Day 2022?); need to reserve cleaning equipment from Operation Brightside
  • “Good Neighbor” problem property guidnace – good handle on how to handle neighbor conflict, how to be a good landlord and tenant education is still in work, both programs planned for delivery by Halloween

Hill Neighborhood Center/Preservation

  • Most conversations centered on Italian Heritage Festival
  • Genealogy exercise in work for different families focused on deceased members who lived in the neighborhood
    • Will also focus on those whose ancestors initially lived on the Hill prior to 1900; will put out a communication inviting people to participate and be captured in the files and be recognized at the Italian Heritage Festival
  • Will ask for a $50 donation but includes banner for car/golf cart
  • Continue to see growing merchandise sales at the center in the last month, new items available, come on down!
  • Lynn Marie approached by the Missouri History Museum regarding history of women entrepreneurs and other women in prominent roles on the Hill

Beautification Committee

  • Counted 144 fire hydrants for painting sponsorship program; working on “Coming Soon” roll-out for program


  • No updates


  • Membership count currently ~600
  • Complimentary issue to the residents of La Collina development in September
  • Board Talk for next issue will be done by Chris Saracino 

Upcoming Events

  • General Membership meeting scheduled for Thursday, September 16th at 7:00
  • Piazza Concert Series – October 2nd, ticket information available on www.piazzaimo.com
  • Italian Heritage Festival 
    • Parade staging 10:30 am, starts at 12:30, application on the Hill website and will be going out on social media
      • General liability waivers will be collected
      • Adjusted route to maximize resident coverage and no “double-backs”
    • Festa following Parade on St. Ambrose Church/School parking lot
      • Looking at opening food and drink sales prior to start of Parade
      • Will feature drink and food sales, product vendors, sponsorships
  • Christmas on the Hill in early discussions

Old Business


New Business

Meeting close 8:36: motion Pulliam, second Devoti