Attendees: Brian Winkler, Cathy Buckingham, Jim Barnthouse, Joe Aromando, Liz Pulliam, Chris Saracino, Jay DiMaggio, Leslie Agusti, Jen Gianino, Fr. Jack Seifert

Minutes of last meeting motion to accepted by Barnthouse, second by Buckingham, approved unanimously

Exec Board Election:

  • President – Saracino nominated by Aromando, second by Gianino, majority vote yea
  • Vice-President – Barnthouse nominated by Pulliam, second by Buckingham, majority vote yea
  • Treasurer – Aromando nominated by Saracino, second by Barnthouse, majority vote yea
  • Secretary – Winkler nominated by Buckingham, second by Barnthouse, majority vote yea

Initial Topics

  • Concerns about shows/events at a local bar on Shaw were brought forward informally to Board members, discussed concerns around traffic, Board believes that this should be strongly considered and addressed by local government and ordinances
  • Possible Senior Living locations noted as a topic for future discussions in light of mentions made to Board members and Fr. Jack


  • October financials generally came in as flat
  • 2022 Budget Planning meeting tentatively planned for 1st quarter 2022

Safety Committee

  • No report

Hill Neighborhood Center/Preservation

  • Repainting of Hill Neighborhood Center complete, still organizing within the Neighborhood Center
  • Discussions underway on how to allocate funds from recent events for preservation goals
  • Hill House Tour scheduled for June 26th, 2022 – having regular planning meetings
  • Speaker Series for the summer in discussions as well
  • Replica statues of the Garagiola/Berra statue (if it comes to fruition) could be a solid revenue source for the center and preservation

Beautification Committee

  • Fire hydrant project will be worked through in 2022 as a potential fundraiser
  • Clean-up day tentatively planned for April


  • No updates


  • Membership count currently 600+
  • Brian Winkler will handle Board Talk
  • Discussion occurred regarding membership dues to cover cost growth since last dues update and recent (kind of) pandemic-related challenges
    • Motion to raise membership dues to $35 effective 1-1-22 by Burghoff, second by Buckingham, approved by majority vote

Upcoming Events

  • Will be planning with Piazza for concert series for 2022

Old Business

New Business

Meeting close 8:13 ,motion Buckingham, second Barnthouse, approved by majority 

*All financial information redacted from these minutes prior to publishing are available upon request to individuals with a paid general membership to Hill 2000.