Attendees: Brian Winkler, Joe Aromando, Liz Pulliam, Chris Saracino, Jay DiMaggio, Leslie Agusti, Jen Gianino, Lynn Marie Alexander, Joe Weinbauer

Minutes of last meeting motion to accepted by DiMaggio, second by Gianino, approved by majority


  • Review of recent expenses, much of the Italian Heritage Festival expenses hit in November and additional expenses surrounding newsletter and renewal materials
  • Talked through cash flows as well relative to sales within the center
  • Review of 2021 operating expenses, discussion for cash inflows to accompany from events, membership renewals/new, etc.
  • Discussion with Joe Weinbauer (HBA) to create better partnerships and collaboration with Hill 2000 
  • Donation appeal will be added to an upcoming newsletter, will work on an accompanying t-shirt (March edition)
  • Review of events for 2022, copy will be available at the center once complete: first half of the year will feature events such as Easter egg hunt, Neighborhood Clean-Up and Neighbor Night Out (Earth Day), Wine Walk, Piazza Concert Series (May 21, July 23, October 1, November 23), Italian Dinner on the Street (June 5), Hill House Tour (June 26)
  • Forming committees for Giro, Italian Heritage 2022 as well

Safety Committee

  • Next meeting in two weeks to cover phase 2 of the “Problem Neighbor” program
  • Went through recently created flow chart with sample situation and problem ended up being successful
  • Pursuing 3rd iteration of the surveillance camera network within the Hill

Hill Neighborhood Center/Preservation

  • Archwell would like to present to residents to get information to seniors in the neighborhood, they handle different health services
  • Berra/Garagiola statue is still moving forward, working on securing a large donation that will primarily fund completion
    • Questions surfaced to then go back to sculptor for documentation that will accompany project and completion (ownership, image rights, fundraising, etc.); asking for a formal proposal document to accompany a future presentation to the board
  • Working on potential scanning supplies for archiving pictures, have a backlog of things needing to be digitized

Beautification Committee

  • No updates


  • No updates


  • Membership count currently 600+
  • Jim Barnthouse will handle Board Talk

Upcoming Events

  • See above

Old Business

New Business

  • January General Membership meeting will be cancelled due to current COVID spike

Meeting close 8:20 ,motion Aromando, second Devoti, approved by majority 

*All financial information redacted from these minutes prior to publishing are available upon request to individuals with a paid general membership to Hill 2000.