4-13–22 meeting starting at 6:40 pm

Attendees: Brian Winkler, Liz Pulliam, Chris Saracino, Leslie Agusti, Jen Gianino, Lynn Marie Alexander, Jim Barnthouse, Matt Devoti, Jay DiMaggio, Guest: Joe Phillips (MODA – sign company Pyros) 

Minutes of last meeting motion to accept by Devoti, second by Barnthouse, approved by majority

MODA @ The Hill update

  • Proposing 3 signs for the site, 2 wall signs (east, west, halo-lit); ground sign (west) also lit
  • Will have to be turned off between 12 AM and 6 AM per city ordinance
  • 30 sq. ft total for entire site is St. Louis code, 51 sq. feet a piece for wall signs, ground sign at 21 sq. ft
  • Board Discussion: Wall signage approved, monument sign not approved

O’Fallon Hill Brew Update

  • Label and contract complete
  • Will be present at Neighborhood Night Out, tentatively 2 kegs; at restaurants and stores first week of May

Berra/Garagiola Statue Update

  • Hill 2000 ownership of statue will entail minimal annual maintenance, concrete work needed to install statue in front of the center
  • Also approved to sell likenesses of the statue
  • Possible need for a meeting involving the Garagiola and Berra families, as well as Harry Weber and Hill 2000 representation
  • Matt engaged Jack Horace about Garagiola/Berra statue, working through additional coordination


  • No update

Safety Committee

  • April 24th Neighborhood Night Out on 5200 Daggett, Hill 2000 will donate soda/water/ice for event
  • Band would like $200 for event
  • Neighborhood Clean-Up will be the day prior, will have trash cans from that for use; Center will possibly be used for bathroom
  • Will have applications for membership
  • Has been and will continue to be promoted on media
  • Doing regular posts on Safety by Matt on website
  • Street safety – Matt reached out to traffic director about Shaw and Kingshighway intersection congestion

Hill Neighborhood Center/Preservation

  • Will be presenting certificates to volunteers at Neighborhood Night Out
  • 8th grade artwork on the wall, do a voting poll for best artwork, possible fundraiser to create and sell postcards
  • “Uncle” John Pozzo got a city proclamation for his 100th birthday
  • Ukraine ribbons have raised over $500
  • La Collina had magnet and promotion for membership delivered
  • House Tour planning well under way and selling ads – add sales have covered print plus 75 tickets sold
  • Fundraising campaign has raised $1,500
  • Liz has information on possible display cases, will explore what the budget will be to cover them
  • Italian Heritage Festa planning under way, Leslie and Jay co-chairing with Jen
    • Exploring potential sponsors and timing with the Giro
    • Grand Marshall and Spirit of the Hill back in the parade, will solicit for nominations

Beautification Committee

  • Quarterly HBA meeting – fire hydrant program was discussed, suggested using the painters’ union, could be a cost savings
  • Website will play a big part in reserving fire hydrants
  • Website update: recent meeting, Nick and team proposing designs; focused on who the audience is for the website and the things to have as content to cater to those audiences
  • Email forthcoming on Neighborhood Clean-Up on April 23rd


  • Membership count currently ~580
  • DiMaggio will handle Board Talk, Agusti will be adding a nutrition/health segment in upcoming newsletters

Upcoming Events

All Things New – Fr. Jack Seifert

  • Great response on the survey, believe should be very close to 100% we believe
  • In August the Archdiocese will submit 3 proposals for new alignment followed by listening sessions
  • Please continue to show caution on believing the rumors being circulated

New Business

  • Italian Heritage Night at the Ballpark – June 10 vs. Reds, $30/ticket, right field box – or $45 incl. T-shirt – 200 tickets available

Meeting close 8:42, motion Pulliam, second Devoti, approved by majority 

*All financial information redacted from these minutes prior to publishing are available upon request to individuals with a paid general membership to Hill 2000.