5-11–22 meeting starting at 6:35 pm

Attendees: Brian Winkler (call-in), Chris Saracino, Leslie Agusti, Jen Gianino, Lynn Marie Alexander, Jim Barnthouse, Matt Devoti, Jay DiMaggio, Fr. Jack Seifert, Joe Aromando

Minutes of last meeting motion to accept by DiMaggio, second by Barnthouse, approved by majority

All Things New – Fr. Jack Seifert

  • Recent video and communication indicates that advisors to the Archdiocese include both clergy and laypeople
  • In August, a proposal will come forward that will group by geographical area, and then options for each of those areas
  • Listening sessions for those options will occur and an option will be selected
  • Encouraging the businesses and residents to communicate with the Archdiocese, continue to be front and center with the deciding body 
  • Updates will continue to be forthcoming


  • Steps are being taken to move forward with web site redesign

Berra/Garagiola Statue Update

  • The City of St. Louis owns the ground after 3 feet beyond the building where the center is
  • Will need to work with Alderman Vollmer on next steps, Jay will help to spearhead gathering some information needed


  • Standard cash flows presented, things are happening as expected and are stable

Safety Committee

  • On April 24 was Neighborhood Day Out, even with weather concerns it ended up working out ok
  • O’Fallon Brewery was present and guessed 200 unique customers got samples
  • Volunteers were recognized
  • Next steps information for Crime Victims – what to do if you have been a victim is under way
  • Looking into another Ring program
  • Committee has met and coming up with ideas to round out the rest of the year
  • Note in next newsletter to recruit new block captains, discussing possibility of not necessarily needing someone for every block, maybe more like clusters of blocks

Hill Neighborhood Center/Preservation

  • House Tour coming along, sold 250 tickets, aiming for 500
  • Over 200 responses to the art projects on display
  • Pre-register for Wine Walk was very successful at the Center
  • John Pozzo got a proclamation from the City of St. Louis, Bob Mariani arranged it, all of his family was present for the day

Beautification Committee

  • Nice turnout for Neighborhood Clean Up, very nice day for it
  • Joe Smugala was kind enough to donate food, beer donated by Chris
  • Representatives from all over the neighborhood and even Southwest Garden
  • Received additional bids for fire hydrant painting program
    • Motion made to move forward with bid not to exceed $125 per hydrant for ~150 hydrants, Jay motion, Jen second, motion passes


  • Membership count currently just under 600
  • Aromando will handle Board Talk
  • Leslie added a nutrition/health segment in recent newsletter
  • Chris noted a handful of potential sponsors have approached him about sponsoring a newsletter

Upcoming Events

  • Piazza Concert Sunday 5-15 – 3:00 to 5:00 – Free!
  • Piazza Concert Saturday 5-21 – 6:15 start, 5:15 gates open
    • Joe Mancuso performing both
  • General Meeting Thurs May 19th
  • Hill Neighborhood beer is released but regularly sold out
  • Soap Box Derby in June
  • Planning underway for Giro, Italian Heritage Festival

Old Business

  • Italian Heritage Night at the Ballpark – June 10 vs. Reds, $30/ticket, right field box – or $45 incl. T-shirt – 200 tickets available
  • Clarifying that the T-shirt is only available with ticket purchase

Meeting close 7:34, motion Barnthouse, second Gianino, approved by majority 

*All financial information redacted from these minutes prior to publishing are available upon request to individuals with a paid general membership to Hill 2000.