6-8–22 meeting starting at 6:40 pm

Attendees: Brian Winkler, Chris Saracino, Leslie Agusti, Jen Gianino, Lynn Marie Alexander, Jim Barnthouse, Jay DiMaggio, Joe Aromando, Liz Pulliam

Minutes of last meeting motion to accept by Barnthouse, second by Gianino, approved by majority


  • Initial design is out and waiting for feedback from the board for needed enhancements
  • Initial feedback is a definite improvement, Neighborhood Center is prominently featured on the site

Berra/Garagiola Statue Update

  • The City of St. Louis owns the ground after 3 feet beyond the building where the center is
  • Alderman Vollmer has provided direction on next steps, likely will include sidewalk update in general
  • Need to get sculptor group connected with Joe Vollmer to understand specifics for how the statue will be situated in the space
  • Tribeca Film Festival featuring a Yogi Berra documentary


  • Positive month of May, grew cash balance month over month with help of the Cards ticket sales and House Tour sponsorship
  • Cards game will generate ~$7K to Hill 2000; almost completely sold out

Safety Committee

  • Next steps information for Crime Victims – what to do if you have been a victim is under way
  • Looking into another Ring program
  • Committee has met and coming up with ideas to round out the rest of the year
  • Note in next newsletter to recruit new block captains, discussing possibility of not necessarily needing someone for every block, maybe more like clusters of blocks

Hill Neighborhood Center/Preservation

  • Need volunteers, volunteers will work 2 hours then will be allowed to spend 2 hours on tour plus a volunteer reception following
  • Covered cost of book plus raised $3K
  • 7 volunteers now at the Center currently handling back room clean up
  • Plumbing issues at the Center building in the women’s bathroom with toilet

Beautification Committee

  • Waiting for website completion to post further initiatives


  • Membership count currently around ~575
  • Chris will handle Board Talk
  • Leslie continuing nutrition/health segment in recent newsletter

Upcoming Events

  • House Tour June 26th
  • Corpus Christi Procession June 19th
  • Soap Box Derby June 12th
  • American Birthday Parade July 2nd – received invite for representatives of neighborhoods to be present, can bring as much of a presence as we’d like
  • Planning underway for Giro – Chris/Jim working with Smugala to organize a food court
  • Italian Heritage Festival – committee met and started nailing down sponsorships, activities, entertainment, rentals, etc.  Event will be back at Berra Park.
    • Also will be selecting a grand marshal based on nominations

Old Business

  • None

Meeting close 7:52, motion Agusti, second Barnthouse, approved by majority 

*All financial information redacted from these minutes prior to publishing are available upon request to individuals with a paid general membership to Hill 2000.