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Join us at the corner of Macklind and Columbia Avenue at 9am to see the race and stay for the Classic Car and Motorcycle show at Shaw Elementary School with tasty treats from The Hill Restaurants. Registration is still open for kids who want to race.


Since 1977, the St. Louis Jaycees have been a proud sponsor of the All-American Soap Box Derby in St. Louis. This tradition, dating back to 1933 in Dayton, Ohio, helps build strong family connections and community spirit in a way few things can. Families come together through this event to build fast cars and strong bonds.

Over the years, many changes have occurred, including the move from Dayton to the current International Soap Box Derby headquarters in Akron, Ohio in 1936. The type and design of the Soap Box racers have changed as well. Earlier racers were made of whatever materials the youngsters could find, including “soap boxes” and lawnmower wheels. Today’s sleek kits are a far cry from the earlier version, containing all parts needed to construct the racer – including the plastic body shell.

Even through these many changes, the main objective has remained the same, to encourage closer parent-child relationships. With the help of a parent or guardian, the youngsters construct the racer while learning basic skills in craftsmanship and seeing a project through to completion.

While two youngsters will advance today to the International Soap Box Derby, all participants are WINNERS! Many thanks to the parents and youngsters, as well as all who helped plan and promote the 2016 St. Louis Jaycees Soap Box Derby