The hardcover book The Hill: St. Louis’ Italian American Neighborhood chronicles the people and institutions of a celebrated immigrant community. It illuminates the decades old customs that are the foundation of its well-known stability and longevity, as well as its thriving culture accented by a plethora of Italian eateries. Explore the neighborhood’s charm as described through photographs, memorabilia, and publications from its many long-lived institutions. Discover why The Hill is St. Louis’ most popular neighborhood to visit and live.

Using the resources donated to The Hill Neighborhood Center, with contributions by Joe DeGregorio, George Venegoni, Dea Hoover, Joyce Clyne, Tony Zona, and Cathy Bagby and authored by LynnMarie Alexander, the beautifully designed book celebrates The Hill, past and present. It includes St. Ambrose Church and School, The Sacred Heart Villa, as well as other venerable institutions, Hill businesses, and just as importantly the many ways the people of The Hill contribute to its strength and vitality.

The 160 page, $40 coffee table book is published by Reedy Press and available at The Hill Neighborhood Center, with a donation going to The Hill 2000 Neighborhood Association and the Center.