Mamas on the Hill

Mama’s on the Hill “Home of the Toasted Ravioli”
In the early 1940s, a chef by the name of Fritz accidently dropped an order of ravioli into hot oil instead of hot water. Quickly realizing his mistake, the raviolis were removed but not discarded. Mickey Garagiola, older brother of Major League Baseball Hall-of-Famer Joe Garagiola, was actually at the bar during the mishap and was the first to taste the accidental treat. With some seasoning, everyone agreed that toasted ravioli was a hit and there to stay. Word quickly spread and soon other restaurants in the area started making their own versions. Toasted ravioli exploded in popularity and was soon served nationwide, although its home is on The Hill.
Did toasted ravioli really start at Mama’s in Saint Louis or is it just one of those myths? Mickey firmly says, “I’ll bet my house on it.”
Toasted Ravioli is just one of the many items guest travel near and far to enjoy!
Delicious Italian/American Cuisine. We take great pride in providing an exceptional dining experience.
Mama’s banquet facility that can accomodate up to 100 guest with a private bar and restrooms
Also offering on and off site catering for any size event.
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