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The Hill Business Association History

The Hill Business Association was organized in 1996 “to promote and maintain a prosperous business community on the Hill; to develop and provide an attractive commercial component to compliment the residential character of the area; and to establish and encourage a fraternal spirit for the membership.”

As such the HBA has been active in promoting the Hill as an ideal place to locate or expand a business.  It has been a vehicle for new business owners to become acquainted with other business people in the area.

The HBA determined that the while the Hill is well known around the metropolitan area and the country, people often had trouble getting there or finding a particular business.  As a result the HBA has endeavored to increase regional awareness of the Hill and its activities.  To address this situation, the HBA, with assistance from the City of St. Louis, has installed light pole banners and trash receptacles throughout the area.  In addition, the HBA erected a Hill identification monument.  

The HBA publishes a brochure which is distributed to 120 local hotels and tourist locations to help identify the Hill and points of interests.

The HBA has worked with the Hill 2000 Neighborhood Association to make the Hill more attractive to both the business and residential communities.

The Hill Business Association


Joe Weinbauer


Weinbauer Financial Group

Larry Fuse

Vice President

Lorenzo’s Trattoria, Gelato Di Riso

Alex Curcuru


Alexander Law Firm

Cassie Farner


Edward Jones

Miguel Carretero

Board Member

Guido's Pizza & Tapas

Jack Horas

Board Member

Horas, Radice & Assoc.

Diane Urzi

Board Member

Urzi's Market

Todd Randall

Board Member

Randall’s Wines & Spirits

Pat Berry

Board Member

4 Media Group, Inc.

Annmarie Lumetta

President Emeritus

Stephanie Scott

Board Member

Personal Space Fitness

Business Spotlight

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