01-11-23 meeting started at 6:32 pm

Attendees: Jay DiMaggio, Liz Pulliam, Lynn Marie Alexander, Cathy Buckingham, Jen Gianino, Jim Barnthouse, Brandon Holloway, Teresa Hess Mayhew, Joe Weinbauer

Approve last month’s board meeting minutes: motion by Gianino, second by Buckingham, majority approved

Special Guest: Joe Weinbauer

  • HBA board meetings are the second Tuesday of the month, 1 Hill 2000 board member is invited to attend. 
  • Working heavily on the wine walk: May 13, 2023. Tickets will go on sale mid-March
  • Would like a Hill 2000 board member to be the liaison for updates to the website.
  • HBA would like to be involved with Christmas on the Hill, December 9th, 2023
  • Joe suggests an HBA and H2K board get together for team-building

Treasurer Report:

  • Working with Enterprise Bank to organize our accounts, move money from the money market into the checking account
  • Electronic bill pay will be set up for most of our bills, will eventually set up e-billing
  • Still in transition from Joe to Leslie, will get reports prepared by next meeting

New Website:


  • Auto-renew will be stopped as we move through the year so we can prompt people to go to the new website to renew their membership (new payment platform through new website means that PayPal will be phased out over time).
  • LynnMarie will send paper reminders via mail to those members who last paid via check or in person, PayPal members will be reminded via email.


  • Board will have access to edit content on new website. 


Need to continue with committees for 2023. Committee will have some autonomy to make decisions and plans yet will still be held accountable to the board. Committees can and should have non-board members to help.

  • Safety and Security: Brandon, Matt
  • HNC/Preservation: LynnMarie, Teresa, Liz
    • Storycore: audio (possibly video) interviews of some of the elders of the neighborhood
    • Will look into renting out facility for income, managing maintenance issues.
  • Beautification: Jim, Brandon (AnnMarie Lumetta from HBA)
    • Christmas Trees on prominent corners in conjunction with Christmas on The Hill
  • Events/Fundraising: Jay, Liz, Cathy, Teresa
    • By far the biggest time commitment
  • Communications/Newsletter: Jen, Jim, LynnMarie
    • Earlier outreach for volunteers
  • Financial Committee: Leslie, Jay, Cathy


  • Board talk writer for February – DiMaggio
  • H2K email addresses will be set up this week, Pulliam to send to newsletter team
  • Can the newsletter be delivered digitally to those who want it?
  • Motion to approve complimentary H2K membership list by DiMaggio, second by Buckingham, approved by majority.

Hill Neighborhood Center/Preservation

  • Events calendar is almost ready to go; will be put on the website ASAP.

New Business

  • Title sponsors, will discuss in Feburary
  • It’s been suggested that the phrase “On The Hill” should be trademarked by Hill2000. Does Hill 2000 want to go down this road? Legal fees would be necessary. HBA will discuss this at their next board meeting and come back to us. Communications / finance committee will take lead for H2K.
  • Easter Egg Hunt April 9th @ 11:00 – H2K will have mimosas, bloody marys and coffee. 

General Membership meeting will be next Thursday, January 19th @ 7:00 in St. Ambrose Cafe

Meeting close 8:00, motion Gianino, second Holloway, approved by majority 

*All financial information redacted from these minutes prior to publishing is available upon request to individuals with a paid general membership to Hill 2000.