Court is in Session

Discussing How the Courts Handle Crime

On May 25, the Safety & Security Committee hosted two judges from the 22 nd Judicial Circuit. During the meeting, the judges discussed how the courts deal with persons accused of committing crimes. Judge Steven Ohmer and Judge Michael Colona talked with about 35 neighborhood residents at J. Devoti Trattoria.

Judge Ohmer is a Circuit Judge who oversees the Juvenile Courts in the City of St. Louis. He has been a judge in the City of St. Louis for nearly 30 years. Before his appointment, Judge Ohmer was in private practice and served the City as an Assistant Circuit Attorney. Appointed in October 2019, Judge Colona is an Associate Judge. Since his appointment, Judge Colona has covered a criminal docket, reviewing bond requests and handling pre-trial motions. He was in private practice for nearly 20 years before his appointment, working much of that time as a
criminal defense attorney.

Both judges frankly answered questions from residents during the townhall-style meeting. Topics covered included: factors the court considers when determining whether a criminal defendant is treated as a juvenile, how cases involving juveniles are handled by the courts, how bond is set and, when necessary, revoked, what factors the court considers when sentencing, the role the community plays in sentencing, and what our neighborhood can do to improve public safety.

Interested in working to make our community more secure? The Safety & Security Committee needs your help. The Committee meets the fourth Thursday of every month at the Neighborhood Center at 7 pm. All are welcomed. Contact for more information.