Motor Vehicle Crime

Many crimes in our neighborhood involve motor vehicles. Reports persist of stolen vehicles, catalytic converter theft, and items being taken from parked passenger cars and trucks.

According to Officer Lauren Seeber, you can take a handful of simple actions to minimize your risk of being a victim of one of these crimes. Officer Seeber points to the obvious: clear your vehicle’s interior of anything of value, remove items from seats and floorboards and, of course, lock any vehicle parked on a City street or parking lot.

Officer Seeber also reminds motorists to always remain vigilant. Many reports of vehicle theft occur at our neighborhood gas stations and convenience stores. Officer Seeber suggests always keep your car key or key fob on you – do not leave them in your vehicle – while filling your tank or running inside the store. According to the officer, many vehicle thefts occur at gas stations in the moments between a customer completing their gas purchase and getting back into their vehicle. These thefts cannot happen if the motorist turns off their car while filling their tank and keeps their vehicle’s key or key fob on them during a purchase.

Officer Seeber is assigned to the Second District. In mid-March, she was recognized as Officer of the Year at the Second District Police Business Association’s Awards Ceremony. Her work in our community led to arrests in connection with a hit-and-run that killed a young man in July, a series of robberies in the City and St. Louis County in August, and alleged child abuse in December. Officer Seeber was also one of the 22 officers that responded to CV&PA High School after the shooting at the school on October 24.