Board Minutes 11-17-22

11-17–22 General Membership Meeting starting at 7:03 pm

Police Report

Officer Mike Hamann is moving on from the Hill, Hill 2000 presented him with a gift card
Expressed his thanks for being able to serve this neighborhood and our appreciation for the police
Officer Robert Skaggs report: most at QT/car wash on Hampton – don’t leave your keys in the car! Most thefts are still Kia or Hyundai
Officer Skaggs contact info:, 314-444-0162
Please keep an eye out for porch pirates this holiday season

Alderman Vollmer

New wards will be going into effect in lockstep with the next round of elections
Half the aldermen will be running for 2 year terms, the other half 4 years
New speed humps in work across the entire ward, reach out to Alderman Vollmer if you are interested in getting a speed study done on your block
Still hurting on staffing for trash and other city services but working to hire and keep up with things like trash
Town homes and apartments are filling up and getting plenty of interest
Question on police support from city: working on improving police salaries, particularly in light of the school shooting at CVPA

Safety and Security

Block captains are critical to safety on the Hill and getting communications about about happenings
Pictogram in recent newsletter for how to handle being the victim or witness of a crime – also had copies to hand out at meeting
Committee meets the 4th Thursday of every month
There will be a special general meeting on January 26th, 2023 at St. Ambrose (confirming either cafeteria or church hall) – special guests from Circuit Attorney office
Will solicit for questions ahead of time rather than allow for them via open mic
Reminder of the magnet that came out with numbers to know as well as QR code for schedule – there are still a few available at the Neighborhood Center


Outgoing Board members are Joe Aromando, Chris Saracino and Brian Winkler
Newly elected Board members are Cathy Buckingham, Brandon Holloway and Teresa Hess Mayhew

Neighborhood Center

Woman from Draper Kramer was interested in donating materials for crafts that LynnMarie will be routing to St. Ambrose
The Villa crafts folks will be in the church hall for Christmas on the Hill

Upcoming Events

Christmas on the Hill – Nov 26th 11:00-3:00
Night at the Piazza and Christmas Concert – evening of November 26th (after mass)
Block Captain Association is recruiting
The new website is coming before end of the year

Meeting close @7:46

*All financial information redacted from these minutes prior to publishing are available upon request to individuals with a paid general membership to Hill 2000.