Board Minutes 11-9-22

11-09-22 meeting started at 6:36 pm

Attendees: Jay DiMaggio, Liz Pulliam, Matt Devoti, Leslie Agusti, Lynn Marie Alexander

Special Guest Mike and Ann Bognar regarding Sado, new restaurant

Permit was submitted; was rejected by zoning because they need 2 parking spots (or a contract for valet parking) Has negotiated use of 2 parking spots from Big Club Hall, plus valet on the weekends
Need to attend the conditional use hearing on 11/17 to approve the parking spot contract.
Operating hours 5pm – 10pm, liquor license is already in the works, neighborhood has approved
Ask: Need letter of support for 2 parking spots in the adjacent parking lot to the south of Big Club Hall

Write a letter in support of 2 parking spaces to the south of Big Club Hall: motion from DiMaggio, second from Devoti, approved by majority

Special Guest John and Frank DiGregorio:

Proposal is to demolish 2 houses to the south of DiGregorio’s and expand
Will setback the new warehouse 4’ from the alley for trash cans and easy maneuvering in and out of alley
No change to zoning
Ask: letter from board saying that we are in support of the project (demolition of 2 houses and construction of an expansion)

Write a letter in support of the project: motion from Devoti, second from Pulliam, approved by majority (include caveat that building is set back 4’ from the alley to allow maximum visibility)

Minutes of last meeting: motion to accept by Aromondo, second Devoti, approved by majority


Italian Heritage netted a profit
Joe Aromando will be wrapping up Treasurer duties and the Board will elect a new Treasurer following board elections
Need to update signatories on the Hill 2000 bank account, Joe has sent instructions on how to do this. Need 2 people minimum on the account, Chris will write a letter.

Safety Committee

Circuit Attorney office able to do a January 26th meeting with the Board, still confirming St. Ambrose cafeteria for meeting location
Adding service programming for next year, ie: paramedic to sponsor CPR, applying tourniquet, expand first aid kits, add AEDs around the neighborhood

Block Captains

Setting up committees, one committee will be dedicated to getting new block captains
They will have a table at the Hill 2000 General Meeting to recruit more block captains
More involvement of Hill 2000 board in the block captain program would be helpful, also recognition of their efforts (perhaps an annual volunteer day)

Hill Neighborhood Center/Preservation

Working with Jack Horace for the lien for the statue
Have set up a second bank account for the donations for the statue
Motion from DiMaggio, second by Devoti, approved by majority to buy 20 books written by Joe DeGregorio and sell them at the Center

Draper Kramer Discussion

Dog park presents long term maintenance concerns. It was suggested to change this to a standard park.
Park will be donated to Hill 2000 in 2023, but DK will maintain it until 2028 (10 year SID will expire) along with a donation
Need to put together a maintenance budget, sell sponsorship opportunities
Need to contact a new insurance person to investigate costs
DK has requested Hill 2000 support for monument signage at entrance to the Moda apartment complex.
Devoti motioned, Agusti second, approved by majority

Upcoming Events

Christmas on the Hill – November 26th, 2022
Similar attractions as years past in the Piazza
Neighborhood center will be open (local crafters market: Galamberti will sell jewelry, Emily Stahl Designs items will be on sale, Cathy Buckingham will sell baked goods, books, cards, etc.)
Cigars outside neighborhood center will be sold

General Membership meeting will be next Thursday 11/17

Meeting close 8:31, motion DiMaggio, second Devoti, approved by majority

*All financial information redacted from these minutes prior to publishing is available upon request to individuals with a paid general membership to Hill 2000.