Good Neighbor Program

We want to be good neighbors and get along with folks living next door, across the alley and down the block. Sometimes, though, conflict arises between neighbors. It may be about the physical condition of a property or someone’s behavior. Whatever the issue is, the City of St. Louis has a protocol for resolving conflict among neighbors.

We created a flow chart—the path you should follow—to help solve disputes.

Here’s a quick step-by-step for you:

Ask whether your concern relates to a property condition or a person;

Call the police if you believe the activity may be criminal;

If it’s not an urgent situation, reach out to your neighbor and let them know about your concern.

Ask what can be done to address the issue;
If your neighbor doesn’t respond, follow the flow chart and reference the “Frequently Asked Questions” (below);

Always keep notes about who you spoke with, when you spoke with them, and what they said they’d do to address your concern.

Our hope is by working through the steps (and the flow chart) you can solve most disputes. But we know resolution isn’t always possible. We’re ready and willing to help

. Just email us at if you’re stuck in the process or dissatisfied with an official’s response.

Download the PDF Version