Outside Lighting Safety

Lighting is critical to safety. Lit lights on your front porch, garage and in your back yard signal your presence. The correct use of lighting keeps burglars away from your home.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind as our days grow shorter and nights get a bit longer:

Turn lights on when you, a family member or roommate are home. Much like lit interior lights, burning outside lights suggest your presence. Front porch lighting also illuminates the area around your front door, permitting you to see anyone at, near or approaching your home.

  • Avoid routine. Turn on lights at different times and in different places.
  • Turn your lights off when you travel. Most folks do not leave outside lights burning during the day. Lit lights during daytime hours – especially over several consecutive days – suggest that your home is temporarily empty.
  • When vacationing, ask a neighbor or nearby family member to turn on and off your exterior lights during your trip.
  • Considering purchasing smart fixtures and bulbs and coordinating with video surveillance. Smart lights activate with movement, turning on with motion.

Your vision at and around the entrances to your home is key.

In addition to lighting, consider trimming and removing any hedge, tree, fencing or other objects that might conceal someone.