Surveillance Video Program

Surveillance Video Program

The new year saw the Hill 2000 Board form several new committees. One of those is the Safety & Security Committee. The committee consists of both residents and neighborhood business owners. The committee hopes to create a dialogue with the block captain program, make a working partnership with neighborhood businesses, and work with residents to prevent and deter criminal behavior.

The committee needs your help. It has identified three initiatives to immediately address, including the formation of a neighborhood surveillance camera list. The list is being created to assist the police in their investigation of neighborhood crimes. Camera owners will be kept anonymous and camera locations confidential. The list will be shared only with our police liaison, Officer Mike Haman of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

Officer Haman will use the list to identify potential video evidence of criminal activity and, once known, share camera locations with the detectives assigned to investigate a particular complaint. The detective will then reach out to camera owners to check whether video evidence exists of the reported crime.

The success of the program depends on your participation. Again, the names of camera owners and camera locations will not be shared with anyone other than Officer Haman. Interested in sharing your video?


Please contact Carolyn Grosse at: Carolyn needs to know: your name, your phone number, your email address, the address where your camera is located, and the camera’s location on the property (for instance, “front door” or “alley above garage”).

Interested, but have questions or concerns? Feel free to reach out to the committee’s chair, Matt Devoti at: