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Development Update September 14

Watermains: All work is complete. The city still needs to complete some street repairs on Hereford and Daggett. Paving: Street paving on

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Development Update August 28th

Hereford Watermain: All watermain work is complete. In Hereford St. and on-site. We also understand that the City has completed road repairs

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Development Update August 14th

Hereford Watermain: While the Hereford watermain extension is complete, including all single-family home water taps, City Water has additional street repair to

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Development Update: July 30, 2019

Hereford Watermain: The Hereford watermain extension is complete between Wilson and Bischoff.  Now the City Water Department needs to complete the individual

Development Update: July 30, 20192019-08-06T15:57:45+00:00


The future of cycling kicked off the 32nd Giro della Montagna on Sunday, September 3 in front of St. Ambrose Church. The


La Passeggiata

My neighbor, Charles Merkel, the world traveler I wrote about in the March 2017 issue of the Hill 2000 newsletter, told me

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